1. What is the Temp. rating indicated on the Sleeping Bags?

Temp. rating is tested by accredited laboratory, SGS. The test is based on EN 13537 standard. New standard EN 23537-1 is conducted for the new models.

2. What is the Estimated R-Value?

R-value is a measure of the resistance of an insulating to heat flow. The higher the R-value the more effective the substance is as thermal insulation. Our mats use reference to estimate the R-value. In the coming future, laboratory tests will be conducted.

3. What is IP?

IP = Ingress of Protection, it is the measure of 

IPX2 = Protected against vertically dipping of water when the closure is titled at an angle up to 15˚ from its normal position

IPX3 = Protected against spraying water at any angle up to 60˚ from the vertical

IPX4 = Protected against water splashing against the closure from any direction

IPX8 = Protected against immersion beyond 1m


4. What is "Roll-Top" closure?

It is the simplest but effective waterproof closure to achieve IPX4. Simply fold the closure and roll down at least 3 times for best seal. Attach the buckle to secure the closure.

5. What is "Tomloc" closure?

It is a double zip lock specially made for waterproof pouches. There are two sets of rails instead of one. Thus, providing more waterproofing capability.